Even though the emotional, communal, physical, and intellectual aspects of meeting in a music festival is well recognized, little investigation has been led to the mental paybacks of attending these music festivals. This article will through light on theoretical concepts from the field of optimistic psychology, to understand the influence of music festivals on members’ emotional and social well-being. Qualitative and numerical data were collected by a group of psychologists by surveying young individuals aged 18-29 years attending music festivals. Interviews are carried out and an abstract model is offered to facilitate both festival managers and attendees taking the best measures for music festivals to positively influence young adults’ psychological and communal well-being.


The globally young generation is crazy about attending festivals. Yet slight is known about the long-lasting effects and psychological variations it causes to people attending these festivals. This study is intended to present a complete record of the existed experience of people who joined an electronic dance music festival. The present study was mostly interested in the important changes that occur in an individual and the kind of experience they get from the festival. The experience level of individuals attending the festival first time and those attending it numerous times was demonstrated. A comparison of feelings and reactions of newcomers and old attendees were made. Qualitative analysis was made by interviewing 12 people who joined the 2015 Electronic Daisy Festival in Las Vegas. Six members were those who were attending the festival for first-time while the other six were old attendees. The info was examined using Thematic Study. The result shows three motivators for attending the music festival i.e opportunity for socializing, novelty, and escape. This shows how music festivals leave an impact on the psychological aspects of people and also highlights the possible long-term changes in a person’s experience of joining electronic dance music festivals.

The primary topic to be explored is the human inspiration behind why we join music festivals in the first place. What is it that lures us to these musical assemblies? What is assertive to our associated electronic music fans to keep showing up year after year to these festivals? Music psychologists have exposed numerous factors that lead individuals to join a local club or a huge show such as Ultra Music Festival or Tomorrowland. The most frequently reported reason to head for a music festival is event innovation, escape, and socialization as we discussed earlier.

Humans quest for escape

It is human nature to quest for escape. Iso-Ahola’s (1982) inspiration theory proposes that people like changes they always try to withdraw their boring environment and go for a change. Watching movies, taking drugs like MDMA/Ecstasy, going on vacations; are all impermanent changes that a person goes for to relax. But going to a music festival will take you to the new world where your day to day worries are diminished. Everyone there doesn’t care about the things going around then. They free their mind from all worries and get themselves absorbed in the music. So people go there to escape from the hectic real-life activities. Everybody there is equal whether you are an old citizen or a very young person. Everybody is in the same state of mind that is to escape from the problems and social issues. An interesting example of escaping psychology is found in research that is carried out in a Chinese music festival. The interviews showed that people were asked to attend these music festivals to express their feelings and relax their minds. By this people can express themselves openly without being judged by others. 

Humans Necessity of Socialization

Socialization is one of the most important parts of human life without which his survival is impossible. It is the best thing about attending these musical festivals that people get a chance to meet strangers and increase their social circle. In a music festival, equality prevails so casts, race, religion do not matter. Going out to attend such a festival with your family members and meeting new people to make new relations sounds so good. Meeting new friends reading their body language and mind is some extraordinary experience. The positive thing about such events is that everyone dances on the same music unlike the gatherings in a sports match where people are supporting different teams and awaiting victory. Here no such issues bother the people. Everybody is on the same track enthusiastic about the same thing I.e music. There are only individuals. This social knowledge is a slice of the magic that these festivals harvest. Wisdom of friendship. In day to day life, such socializing is very rare to get. These social developments are possibly creating extra allurement to these musical festivals, paying to the bang of electronic dance music festivals internationally. 


As human beings get bored by the monotony. They want to see something new every time they encounter a music festival. On a small scale, these festivals do not provide much innovation, for example, you have been attended a music or dance festival, you know what is going to happen after attending it again and again. On a high level, directors try to provide something new and huge every time you visit the festival. So that’s why people go to music festivals to find and enjoy something innovative and fresh.

Emotional impact

The festival understanding not only contributes to a passing state of personal well-being but also becomes a portion of the way a person describes.  It thus develops an “emotional context” or “emotional awareness within which people concept their ‘Identity’.

In some cases, the optimistic emotional intelligence developed in people due to the festival led them to observe life differently and get positive vibes about nature, thus leading to ‘Personal Growth’.  This proposes that music festival experiences may deliver a powerful insight by relaxing the human mind.


I hope this article will let you understand the psychological effect theses musical festivals leave on the human mind and the aspects that led people to attend it. It outlines the human craving to have new understandings, escape realism, and empathy with others at a music festival is the main focus. Music festivals generate an opening to widen the extensiveness of your music-loving public and meet new individuals, uniting innovation, and socialization into one event.