Steve Aoki Massive 27-Track Album “Neon Future IV”

Electronic dance music maker and award-winning DJ Steve Aoki made-up his image around rowdy live sets, prominent remixes, and collaborations, and his indie label, Dim Mak Records. His official debut album, Wonderland, got a Grammy nomination for Best Dance/Electronic Album in 2013, while later release stayed a consistent presence in the U.S. Dance chart top five, including a pair of chart-toppers along with Neon Future, Vol.1 (2014) and Neon Future, Vol. 3 (2018). While being one of the most focused/hardest working people in dance music, he has effectively sits among the ranks of artists like Diplo, Skrillex, and even the late Avicii. Steve Aoki is maybe one of the most focused individuals to move music. He effectively sits among the positions of craftsmen like Diplo, Skrillex, and even the late Avicii. Within the last six years, the Dim Mak label head has put out an astounding four albums. The latest album has been recently released titled ‘Neon Future IV.

Steve Aoki released his first Neon Future album in 2014 with a total of 10 tracks. Neon Future II came the next following year with 12, and Neon Future III came out three years after the fact with 17. Neon Future IV out today has a mind-blowing 27 tracks, and name any collaborator you can think of and they’re apparently on this album.

Whether you’re a fan of Aoki or not, this is a historic accomplishment. Pair this with the way that he played 200+ shows in 2019 also, and you can truly observe that hard-working attitude. These albums, titled ‘Neon Future’, have turned out in four distinct portions. The first was released in 2014. Its most recent portion, ‘Neon Future IV’, came out a week ago, and I believe you’re going to adore it.  

‘Neon Future IV’ contains a surprising 27 tracks, filled to the overflow with most blazing names and best ability. Some of these names include Barker, The Backstreet Boys, Mike Shinoda, Matthew Koma, Alan Walker, Sting, Icona Pop, and many, some more.

In case you’re an admirer of Steve Aoki, Dim Mak, the Neon Future line, or simply staying aware of the freshest EDM hits, you would prefer not to miss this collection. Steve Aoki’s ‘Neon Future IV’ is out now on Dim Mak Records, and can be spilled below. Appreciate!

Attendees of Coachella’s Weekend 2 gathered together to participate in the festival’s own March For Science, an international series of walks and protests regarding the lack of government action toward combating pollution and climate change.

The march was led by band Downtown Boys after performing a 3:10 p.m. set atop the newly added Sonora Stage. According to the Desert Sun, the march began at the Sonora Stage and made its way to the Chiaozza Garden. The crowd was speckled with hand-drawn signage, including the words “Science is real” and “evidence over ignorance.”

Joe DeGeorge, the band’s saxophonist and synth player, explained the group’s reasoning for spearheading Coachella’s iteration of the Science March.

ll over the country, people are marching for science, and we’re doing our march here at Coachella. It’s not just about marching for a fact-based ideology; it’s about power and how the institution and structure that runs this country really value private wealth and capital above things like our health, our environment. We are marching because we value those things and we have to shout in this capitalist structure to make our values heard.

Coachella attendees joined hundreds of organized marches across the nation in the name of science and governmental responsibility.