Gill, a Taiwanese producer, has been previously known for producing sound packs and sample sounds. His tracks, however, contain the musical genius of a seasoned producer who can set the mood of a room to whatever song he would play.

“Don’t need this shit” is a track inspired by the lockdown caused by the Coronavirus spread. It contains Chang’s classic sound that mashes up trap, electronic pop, and future bass. Indeed, Chang is a diverse producer which accounts for his popularity in the states as well as in Asia.

He has created a very short song that values quality over quantity. A two-minute song that revels the future bass genre with a phrase worth of lyrics followed by a surreal drop. The drop is less intense than other electronic music. However, this is expected in a future bass producer’s song. He has lined up the drop with layer after layer of exotic chord progressions that create this pulsating sound that is hard to forget.
This one could be played on repeat for a long time!