Taska Black and Duskus have been a part of Bitbird for a long time, however, this is the first time that they have collaborated. They bring together an emotional single that focuses on the memories of childhood. Taska black says that this song is a reminder of the excitement he felt in his childhood and how he wished he could be there once again. 

The Belgian artist, Taska Black, has been a fast riser amongst the young electronic artist. His music consistently features warm melodies and breathtaking harmonies that have inspired so many other artists already! 

The two artists have combined to strike a balance between emotional and upbeat music. It must be noted, that the song was created solely over the internet in the lockdown period. The two artists have made it possible to create music without even meeting each other. The chopped-up vocals, in the beginning, make the listener think about regrets. This feeling is a perfect build-up for the drop which is a combination of bouncing synths and an upbeat guitar. The drop extinguishes all regrets and leaves the listeners with warm memories of their childhood to cherish forever!