Famed DJ and music producer, ARTY, is back after topping the dance charts with his previous single. This time he has released an EP with Armada music called, “From Russia with Love. Redline, one of the tracks from the EP, is a dance lover’s dream. Engineered for the club circuit, it is a track that injects energy into anyone listening. It is sure to have you dancing to its beat in no time. A masterpiece like this would not have been possible without Kitone’s contribution. Kitone’s electro inspired sound can be distinctly heard mashed up with Arty’s craft in dance music. 

The track can be labeled into a couple of genres due to its experimental nature and the mashup of two genres. What we do know for certain is that it is going to be a club anthem in 2020. A go-to song for all the DJs. It has a perfect lead up getting you invested in the enormous drop that would have you raise your hands and go crazy on the dance floor.